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Art Deco Architecture - Palais de Justice

Experience the Art Deco Architecture in Casablanca

Art Deco Architecture - Palais de justiceArt Deco Architecture – Casablanca


Casablanca is renowned for the calibre of its art deco architecture, which draws in scores of visitors from across the world each year. The city features a number of Mauresque buildings, which blend traditional Moroccan design with styles originating from Europe, including the Art Deco style. In the 1930s, various buildings influenced by the Art Deco movement were constructed in Casablanca, with features including elegant wrought-iron staircases, balconies and windows becoming prominent. Rounded exterior corners and carved facades were also important parts of this trend.

Stunning Art Deco creations

Many of the buildings created during this area have been restored and maintained respectfully. Some of the best examples of Art Deco architecture in Casablanca include Hotel Lincoln, Cinema Rialto, Hotel Tranatlantique and Hotel Volubulis. There are various classic Mauresque public buildings including the General Post Office built in 1918 and the Palais de Justice, unveiled in 1925. The Villa Des Arts was built in 1934 and is regarded as one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in Casablanca. The building houses a permanent collection as well as rotating exhibitions.

Explore Casablanca with Morocco Berber Life

The Morocco Berber Life team can cater for you if you wish to embark on a highly authentic Casablanca experience. The team organise tours, excursions, trips and tours throughout Morocco and are able to provide guided, escorted tours throughout the country that are as fun as they are informative. You are welcome to book an excursion of tour with Morocco Berber Life whether you are travelling alone or as a group, couple or family. Once you have placed your booking, you can expect to receive hospitality of the finest calibre as you are introduced to the Moroccan way of life and will be integrated into the Berber family and culture for the entire duration of your stay.

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Guides speak various languages including English, Spanish, Berber and Arabic and are able to use their vast local knowledge to ensure your experience is a highly educational and unforgettable one. To find out more, call +212 678 511 167 or send a message to moroccoberberlife@gmail.com.


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